OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)


Weight and local preference

The weight attribute is local to the router and does not advertise to neighboring routers. If the router learns about more than one route to the same destination, the route with the highest weight is preferred. The route with the highest weight is installed in the IP routing table.

The local preference — LOCAL_PREF represents the degree of preference within the entire AS. The higher the number, the greater the preference for the route.

LOCAL_PREF is one of the criteria that determines the best path — other criteria may impact selection, see Best path selection. Assume that LOCAL_PREF is the only attribute applied and AS 100 has two possible paths to AS 200. Although the path through Router A is shorter, the LOCAL_PREF settings have the preferred path going through Router B and AS 300. This advertises to all routers within AS 100, causing all BGP speakers to prefer the path through Router B.

Weight and local preference

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