Dell Configuration Guide for the S4048–ON System 9.10(0.1)


About this Guide

This guide describes the protocols and features the Dell Networking Operating System (OS) supports and provides configuration instructions and examples for implementing them. For complete information about all the CLI commands, see the Dell Command Line Reference Guide for your system.

The S4048–ON platform is available with Dell Networking OS version 9.7.(0.1) and beyond. S4048–ON stacking is supported with Dell Networking OS version 9.7(0.1) and beyond.

Though this guide contains information about protocols, it is not intended to be a complete reference. This guide is a reference for configuring protocols on Dell Networking systems. For complete information about protocols, see the related documentation, including Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) requests for comments (RFCs). The instructions in this guide cite relevant RFCs. The Standards Compliance chapter contains a complete list of the supported RFCs and management information base files (MIBs).

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