Dell Command Line Reference Guide for the S4048–ON System


Enabling Software Features on Devices Using a Command Option

The capability to activate software applications or components on a device using a command is supported on this platform.

Starting with Release 9.4(0.0), you can enable or disable specific software features or applications that need to run on a device by using a command attribute in the CLI interface. This enables effective, streamlined management and administration of applications and utilities that run on a device. You can employ this capability to perform an on-demand activation, or turn-off a software component or protocol. A feature configuration file generated for each image contains feature names, and denotes if this enabling or disabling method is available. You can enable or disable the VRF application globally across the system by using this capability.

Activate the VRF application on a device by using the feature vrf command in CONFIGURATION mode.

NOTE: The no feature vrf command is not supported on any of the platforms.

To enable the VRF feature and cause all VRF-related commands to be available or viewable in the CLI interface, use the following command. You must enable the VRF feature before you can configure its related attributes.

DellEMC(conf)# feature vrf

Based on if the VRF feature is identified as supported in the Feature Configuration file, configuration command feature vrf becomes available for usage. This command is stored in the running-configuration and precedes all other VRF-related configurations.

To display the state of Dell EMC Networking OS features:

DellEMC# show feature

Example of show feature output

For a particular target where VRF is enabled, the show output is similar to the following:

Feature         State
VRF             Enabled

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