Dell Command Line Reference Guide for the S4048–ON System


show ip bgp extcommunity-list

View information on all routes with Extended Community attributes.

show ip bgp [vrf vrf-name] [ipv4 {multicast | unicast} | ipv6 unicast] extcommunity-list [list name]
vrf vrf-name
(OPTIONAL) Enter the keywords vrf and then the name of the VRF to view information on all routes with extended community attributes corresponding to that VRF.
ipv4 multicast
(OPTIONAL) Enter the keyword ipv4 followed by the keyword multicast to view information related only to ipv4 multicast routes.
ipv4 unicast
(OPTIONAL) Enter the keywords ipv4 unicast to view information only related to ipv4 unicast routes.
ipv6 unicast
(OPTIONAL) Enter the keyword ipv6 followed by the keyword unicast to view information related only to ipv6 unicast routes.
list name
Enter the extended community list name you wish to view. The range is 140 characters.
Command Modes
  • EXEC
  • EXEC Privilege
Command History

This guide is platform-specific. For command information about other platforms, see the relevant Dell EMC Networking OS Command Line Reference Guide.

Introduced on the S6010-ON and S4048T-ON.
Introduced on the S3148.
Introduced on the S6100-ON.
Introduced on the S3100 series.
Introduced on the Z9100–ON.
Introduced on the S4048-ON.
Introduced on the S3048-ON.
Added the ipv4 multicast and ipv6 unicast parameters.
Added support for VRF.
Introduced on the Z9500.
Introduced on the S6000.
Introduced on the S4820T.
Introduced on the Z9000.
Introduced on the S4810.
Introduced on the S-Series.
Introduced on the C-Series.
Usage Information

To view the total number of COMMUNITY attributes found, use the show ip bgp summary command. The text line above the route table states the number of COMMUNITY attributes found.

The show ip bgp community command without any parameters lists BGP routes with at least one BGP community attribute and the output is the same as for the show ip bgp command output.

DellEMC# show run extcommunity-list
ip extcommunity-list ecl1
 permit rt 100:4
 permit soo 40:4
DellEMC#show ip bgp extcommunity-list ecl1
BGP local RIB : Routes to be Added 0, Replaced 0, Withdrawn 0
BGP local router ID is
Status codes: s suppressed, S stale, d dampened, h history, * valid, > best
Path source: I - internal, a - aggregate, c - confed-external, r - redistributed
             n - network,  D - denied,  S - stale
Origin codes: i - IGP, e - EGP, ? - incomplete

    Network            Next Hop            Metric     LocPrf Weight Path
*>                                 0 200 i
*>                                 0 200 i
DellEMC#show ip bgp extcommunity-list ec
% Error: Extended community list does not exist.

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