Dell Command Line Reference Guide for the S4048–ON System


show ip bgp flap-statistics

View flap statistics on BGP routes.

show ip bgp [vrf vrf-name] [ipv4 {multicast | unicast} | ipv6 unicast] flap-statistics [ip-address [mask]] [filter-list as-path-name] [regexp regular-expression]
vrf vrf-name
(OPTIONAL) Enter the keywords vrf and then the name of the VRF to view flap statistics on BGP routes corresponding to that VRF.
ipv4 multicast
(OPTIONAL) Enter the keyword ipv4 followed by the keyword multicast to view information related only to ipv4 multicast routes.
ipv4 unicast
(OPTIONAL) Enter the keyword ipv4 followed by the keyword unicast to view information related only to ipv4 unicast routes.
ipv6 unicast
(OPTIONAL) Enter the keyword ipv6 followed by the keyword unicast to view information related only to ipv6 unicast routes.
(OPTIONAL) Enter the IP address (in dotted decimal format) of the BGP network to view information only on that network.
(OPTIONAL) Enter the network mask (in slash prefix (/x) format) of the BGP network address.
filter-list as-path-name
(OPTIONAL) Enter the keyword filter-list then the name of a configured AS-PATH ACL. The range is 140 characters.
regexp regular-expression
Enter a regular expression then use one or a combination of the following characters to match. The range is 256 characters.
  • . = (period) any single character (including a white space).
  • * = (asterisk) the sequences in a pattern (zero or more sequences).
  • + = (plus) the sequences in a pattern (one or more sequences).
  • ? = (question mark) sequences in a pattern (either zero or one sequences).
    NOTE: Enter an escape sequence (CTRL+v) prior to entering the ? regular expression.
  • [ ] = (brackets) a range of single-character patterns.
  • ( ) = (parenthesis) groups a series of pattern elements to a single element.
  • { } = (braces) minimum and the maximum match count.
  • ^ = (caret) the beginning of the input string. If you use the caret at the beginning of a sequence or range, it matches on everything BUT the characters specified.
  • $ = (dollar sign) the end of the output string.
Command Modes
  • EXEC
  • EXEC Privilege
Command History

This guide is platform-specific. For command information about other platforms, see the relevant Dell EMC Networking OS Command Line Reference Guide.

Introduced on the S6010-ON and S4048T-ON.
Introduced on the S3148.
Introduced on the S6100-ON.
Introduced on the S3100 series.
Introduced on the Z9100–ON.
Introduced on the S4048-ON.
Introduced on the S3048-ON.
Added the ipv4 multicast and ipv6 unicast parameters.
Added support for VRF.
Introduced on the Z9500.
Introduced on the S6000.
Introduced on the S4820T.
Introduced on the Z9000.
Introduced on the S4810.
Introduced on the S-Series.
Introduced on the C-Series.
Usage Information

The following describes the show ip bgp flap command shown in the following example.

Displays the network ID to which the route is flapping.
Displays the IP address of the neighbor advertising the flapping route.
Displays the number of times the route flapped.
Displays the hours:minutes:seconds since the route first flapped.
Displays the hours:minutes:seconds until the flapped route is available.
Lists all the ASs the flapping route passed through to reach the destination network.
DellEMC# show ip bgp flap-statistics
BGP local RIB : Routes to be Added 0, Replaced 0, Withdrawn 0
BGP local router ID is
Status codes: s suppressed, S stale, d dampened, h history, * valid, > best
Path source: I - internal, a - aggregate, c - confed-external, r - redistributed
             n - network,  D - denied,  S - stale
Origin codes: i - IGP, e - EGP, ? - incomplete

    Network            From                 Flaps       Duration         Reuse    Path
h               1   00:00:03         00:00:00
d               3   00:00:25         00:30:44 200 i
*>               1   00:00:23         00:00:00 200 i
*>n        0          32768 i

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