Dell Command Line Reference Guide for the S4048–ON System


CAM Profile Commands

The CAM profiling feature allows you to partition the CAM to best suit your application. For example:
  • Configure more Layer 2 forwarding information base (FIB) entries when the system is deployed as a switch.
  • Configure more Layer 3 FIB entries when the system is deployed as a router.
  • Configure more access control lists (ACLs) (when IPv6 is not employed).
  • Hash multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) packets based on source and destination IP addresses for link aggregation groups (LAGs).
  • Hash based on bidirectional flow for LAGs.
  • Optimize the virtual local area network (VLAN) ACL Group feature, which permits group VLANs for IP egress ACLs.

Important Points to Remember

  • Dell EMC Networking OS supports CAM allocations on the S-Series.
  • The CAM configuration is applied to the entire system when you use the CONFIGURATION mode commands. Save the running-configuration to affect the change.
  • When budgeting your CAM allocations for ACLs and quality of service (QoS) configurations, remember that ACL and QoS rules might consume more than one CAM entry depending on complexity. For example, transmission control protocol (TCP) and user datagram protocol (UDP) rules with port range options might require more than one CAM entry.
  • You MUST save your changes and reboot the system for CAM profiling or allocations to take effect.

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