Dell Command Line Reference Guide for the S4048–ON System


crypto ca-cert install

Downloads and installs the certificate of a Certificate Authority (CA) on to the device.

crypto ca-cert install path
Enter the path where the CA certificate is available for download. The format that you use to specify the location of the CA certificate also includes the protocol that is used to contact the CA. You can use the following options that you can use to download and install a certificate from the CA:
  • tftp — tftp://ca–ip–address/tftp/CAcert.pem
  • usbflash: — usbflash:/certs/CAcert.pem
  • ftp — ftp://userid:password@ca–ip–address/certs/CAcert.pem
  • scp — scp://userid:password@ca–ip–address/certs/CAcert.pem
  • http —
  • flash — flash://filepath/filename
Command Modes
EXEC Privilege
Command History

This guide is platform-specific. For command information about other platforms, see the relevant Dell EMC Networking OS Command Line Reference Guide.

The following is a list of the Dell EMC Networking OS version history for this command:

Introduced the command.
Usage Information

The following RBAC roles are allowed to issue this command:

  • sysadmin
  • secadmin

Upon successful installation, the system displays a notification on the device. If remote logging is configured, the notification is also sent to the syslog server. Contents of the CA certificate’s subject are displayed.

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