Dell Command Line Reference Guide for the S4048–ON System


dot1x static-mab

Enable static MAC authorization bypass (MAB) and configure static MAB profile to an interface.

[no] dot1x static-mab profile profile-name
profile profile-name
Enter the keyword profile and the profile-name to configure the static MAB profile name. The profile name length is limited to 32 characters.
Command Modes



Command History

This guide is platform-specific. For command information about other platforms, refer to the relevant Dell EMC Networking OS Command Line Reference Guide.

Introduced on the S3148.
Introduced on the S3100 series, S4048–ON, S4048–ON, S4810, S4820T, S5000, S6000, S6000–ON, S6100–ON, the Configuration Terminal Batch mode on C9010, Z9100–ON, and Z9500.
Introduced on the C9010.
Usage Information

The dot1x static-mab command enables static MAB (mac auth bypass) and configures the associated profile on a dot1x interface. Static MAB bypasses the authentication server for the supplicant MAC addresses configured in the associated profile.

Before you enable static MAB, you must do the following:
  • Enable MAC authentication bypass on the port by configuring the dot1x mac-auth-bypass command.
  • Ensure that no configured profile exists at the time of configuring the static-mab command.

  • Use this command in Interface Batch Mode to enable static MAB in a dual-homing setup.

DellEMC(conf)#do show dot1x interface twentyFiveGigE 1/41
802.1x information on Tf 1/41:
Dot1x Status:            Enable
Port Control:            AUTO
Port Auth Status:        AUTHORIZED (STATIC-MAB)
Re-Authentication:       Enable
Untagged VLAN id:        400
Guest VLAN:              Enable
Guest VLAN id:           400
Auth-Fail VLAN:          Enable
Auth-Fail VLAN id:       400
Auth-Fail Max-Attempts:  3
Critical VLAN:           Enable
Critical VLAN id:        400   
Mac-Auth-Bypass:         Disable
Mac-Auth-Bypass Only:    Disable
Static-MAB:              Enable
Static-MAB Profile:      Sample
Tx Period:               30 seconds
Quiet Period:            60 seconds
ReAuth Max:              2
Supplicant Timeout:      30 seconds
Server Timeout:          30 seconds
Re-Auth Interval:        60 seconds
Max-EAP-Req:             2
Host Mode:               SINGLE_HOST
Auth PAE State:          Authenticated
Backend State:           Idle      

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