Dell Command Line Reference Guide for the S4048–ON System


Filtering show Commands

You can filter commands using the show command to find specific information, display certain information only, or begin the command output at the first instance of a regular expression or phrase.

Execute a show command and a pipe ( | ), and one of the following parameters and a regular expression to show output that either excludes or includes the specified parameters.

NOTE: The Dell EMC Networking OS accepts a space before or after the pipe, no space before or after the pipe, or any combination. For example: command | grep gigabit |except regular-expression | find regular-expression.
Displays only the text that does not match the pattern (or regular expression).
Searches for the first occurrence of a pattern.
Displays text that matches a pattern.

The grep command option has an ignore-case suboption that makes the search case-insensitive. For example, the commands:

show run | grep Ethernet
Returns a search result with instances containing a capitalized Ethernet, such as interface TenGigabitEthernet 1/1.
show run | grep ethernet
Does not return the previous search result because it only searches for instances containing a noncapitalized ethernet.
show run | grep Ethernet ignore-case
Returns instances containing both Ethernet and ethernet.
Does not paginate the display output.
Copies the output to a file for future use.

Displaying All Output

Use the no-more option after the pipe to display all output at once — not one screen at a time. This operation is similar to terminal length screen-length except that the no-more option affects the output of just the specified command. For example: show running-config|no-more.

Filtering the Command Output Multiple Times

You can filter a single command output multiple times. To filter a command output multiple times, place the save option as the last filter. For example: command | grep regular-expression | except regular-expression | grep other-regular-expression | find regular-expression | no-more | save.

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