Dell Command Line Reference Guide for the S4048–ON System


Force10 Resilient Ring Protocol (FRRP)

FRRP is a proprietary protocol for that offers fast convergence in a Layer 2 network without having to run the spanning tree protocol (STP). The resilient ring protocol is an efficient protocol that transmits a high-speed token across a ring to verify the link status. All the intelligence is contained in the master node with practically no intelligence required of the transit mode.

Important Points to Remember

  • FRRP is media- and speed-independent.
  • FRRP is a Dell EMC Networking proprietary protocol that does not interoperate with any other vendor.
  • Spanning Tree must be disabled on both primary and secondary interfaces before Resilient Ring protocol is enabled.
  • A VLAN configured as the control VLAN for a ring cannot be configured as a control or member VLAN for any other ring.
  • Member VLANs across multiple rings are not supported in Master nodes.
  • If multiple rings share one or more member VLANs, they cannot share any links between them.
  • Each ring can have only one Master node; all others are Transit nodes.

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