Dell Command Line Reference Guide for the S4048–ON System


MLD Snooping

MLD snooping allows the switch to examine the MLD packets and forwards the decision based on their content. You can configure MLD snooping in subnets that receive MLD queries from either MLD or the MLD snooping querier. MLD snooping limits the IPv6 multicast traffic at Layer 2 by configuring Layer 2 LAN ports and dynamically forwards the IPv6 multicast traffic to the ports that want to receive it. Hosts join IPv6 multicast groups either by sending an unsolicited MLD report or by sending an MLD report in response to a general query from an IPv6 multicast router (the switch forwards general queries from IPv6 multicast routers to all the ports in a VLAN). The switch snoops these reports and in response to a snooped MLD report, the switch creates an entry in its forwarding table for the VLAN on which the report was received. When the other hosts that are interested in this multicast traffic send MLD reports, the switch snoops their report and adds them to the existing forwarding table entry. The switch creates only one entry per VLAN in the forwarding table for each multicast group, for which it snoops an MLD report.

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