Dell Command Line Reference Guide for the S4048–ON System


Offline Diagnostic Commands

The offline diagnostics test suite is useful for isolating faults and debugging hardware. While tests are running, Dell EMC Networking OS results are saved as a text file (TestReport-SU-X.txt) in the flash directory. This show file command is available only on master and standby.

Important Points to Remember

  • Offline diagnostics can only be run when the unit is offline.
  • You can only run offline diagnostics on a unit to which you are connected via the console. In other words, you cannot run diagnostics on a unit to which you are connected to via a stacking link.
  • The system stores the diagnostic results in the flash directory (TestReport-SU-X.txt). The system displays the following message after the diagnostic test is over.
    05:37:17 : Diagnostic test results are stored on file: flash:/TestReport-SU-1.txt
    05:37:22: %S3048-ON:1 %DIAGAGT-6-DA_DIAG_DONE: Diags finished on stack-unit 1
  • Diagnostics only test connectivity, not the entire data path.

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