Dell Command Line Reference Guide for the S4048–ON System


Reducing Leave Latency

Leave Latency is the amount of time after the last host leaves the MLD group that the router stops forwarding traffic for that group. Latency is introduced because the router attempts several times to determine if there are any remaining members before stopping traffic for the group. The Querier sends a Multicast-Address-Specific Query upon receiving a Done message to ascertain whether there are any remain receivers for a group. The Last Listener Query Interval is the Maximum Response Delay for a Multicast-Address-Specific Query, and also the amount of time between Multicast-Address-Specific Query retransmissions. Lowering the Last Listener Query Interval reduces the time to detect that there are no remaining receivers for a group, and so can reduce the amount of unnecessarily forwarded traffic.
To adjust the last-member query interval, use the following command:
ipv6 mld last-member-query-interval

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