Dell Command Line Reference Guide for the S4048–ON System


Displaying MLD Interfaces

Display MLD interfaces.
To display MLD interfaces, use the following command:
show ipv6 mld interface vlan 20
Dell#show ipv6 mld interface vlan 20 
 Vlan 20 is up, line protocol is up  
 Inbound MLD access group is not set  
 Internet address is fe80::92b1:1cff:fef4:9b63/64  
 MLD is enabled on interface  
 MLD query interval is 60 seconds
 MLD querier timeout is 125 seconds  
 MLD max query response time is 10 seconds  
 MLD last member query response interval is 1000 ms   
 MLD immediate-leave is enabled for all groups
 MLD activity: 0 joins  
 MLD querying router is 35::1 (this system)  
 MLD version is 2

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