Dell Command Line Reference Guide for the S4048–ON System


show ip ospf routes

Display routes OSPF calculates and stores in OSPF RIB.

show ip ospf [process-id | vrf vrf-name ] routes
Enter the OSPF Process ID to show a specific process. If no Process ID is entered, command applies only to the first OSPF process.
vrf vrf-name
Enter the keyword vrf followed by the name of the VRF to show the OSPF RIB information corresponding to the OSPF processes that are tied to a specific VRF.
Command Modes
  • EXEC
  • EXEC Privilege
Command History

This guide is platform-specific. For command information about other platforms, see the relevant Dell EMC Networking OS Command Line Reference Guide.

Introduced on the S6010-ON and S4048T-ON.
Introduced on the S3148.
Introduced on the S6100-ON.
Introduced on the S3100 series.
Introduced on the Z9100-ON.
Introduced on the S4048-ON.
Introduced on the S3048-ON.
Introduced on the S6000-ON.
Added support for VRF.
Introduced on the Z9500.
Introduced on the S6000.
Introduced on the S4820T.
Introduced on the Z9000.
Introduced on the S4810.
Added support for Multi-Process OSPF.
Introduced on the S-Series.
Introduced on the C-Series and E-Series.
Usage Information

This command is useful in isolating routing problems between the OSPF and the RTM. For example, if a route is missing from the RTM/FIB but is visible from the display output of this command, the problem is with downloading the route to the RTM.

This command has the following limitations:
  • The display output is sorted by prefixes; intra-area ECMP routes are not displayed together.
  • For Type 2 external routes, Type 1 cost is not displayed.
NOTE: Starting with Version 9.4(0.0), the loopback IP address advertised to the neighbor is not displayed in the output because they are not accounted as inactive OSPF routes, whereas the loopback IP address is displayed until Dell EMC Networking OS Version 9.3(0.0). Starting with Version 9.4(0.0), the show ip ospf routes command displays the interface and area ID information of connected networks in addition to the other settings, whereas these details are not displayed until Dell EMC Networking OS Version 9.3(0.0). Starting with Version 9.4(0.0), the metric of E2 routes in the output is displayed as an external metric, whereas until Dell EMC Networking OS Version 9.3(0.0), the number of hops to the ASBR for E2 routes are displayed in the output.
DellEMC# show ip ospf 100 route

Prefix        Cost Nexthop   Interface Area  Type        1   Lo 0      0     Intra-Area        2  Te 1/47   1     Intra-Area       1   Te 1/47   0     Intra-Area  2  Te 1/47   -     External     2  Te 1/47   1     Intra-Area

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