Dell Command Line Reference Guide for the S4048–ON System


track ip route reachability

Configure object tracking on the reachability of an IPv4 route.

track object-id ip route ip-address/prefix-len reachability [vrf vrf-name]

To return to the default setting, use the no track object-id command.

Enter the ID number of the tracked object. The range is 1 to 500.
ip-address/ prefix-len
Enter an IPv4 address in dotted decimal format. The valid IPv4 prefix lengths are from /0 to /32.
vrf vrf-name
(Optional) E-Series only: You can configure a VPN routing and forwarding (VRF) instance to specify the virtual routing table to which the tracked route belongs.
Command Modes
Command History

This guide is platform-specific. For command information about other platforms, see the relevant Dell EMC Networking OS Command Line Reference Guide.

Introduced on the S6010-ON and S4048T-ON.
Introduced on the S3148.
Introduced on the S6100-ON.
Introduced on the S3100 series.
Introduced on the Z9100-ON.
Introduced on the S4048-ON.
Introduced on the S3048-ON.
Introduced on the S6000-ON.
Introduced on the S4810.
Usage Information

Use this command to create an object that tracks the reachability of an IPv4 route. In order for a route’s reachability to be tracked, the route must appear as an entry in the routing table.

A tracked IPv4 route is considered to match an entry in the routing table only if the exact IPv4 address and prefix length match a table entry. For example, when configured as a tracked route, does not match the routing table entry If no route-table entry has the exact IPv4 address and prefix length, the status of the tracked route is considered to be DOWN.

When you configure IPv4 route reachability as a tracked object, the UP/DOWN state of the tracked route is also determined by the entry of the next-hop address in the ARP cache. A tracked route is considered to be reachable if there is an ARP cache entry for the route's next-hop address.

If the next-hop address in the ARP cache ages out for a route tracked for its reachability, an attempt is made to regenerate the ARP cache entry to if the next-hop address appears before considering the route DOWN.

Related Commands
  • show track – display information about tracked objects, including configuration, current state, and clients which track the object.
  • track ip route metric threshold – configure object tracking on the threshold of an IPv4 route metric.

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