S4048-ON Installation Guide January 2019


Before you install an OS

After powering on the S4048-ON switch, it goes through a power-on self-test (POST).

POST runs every time the switch is initialized and checks hardware components to determine if the switch is fully operational before booting. After POST, the switch uses the Grub bootloader.

Use the up and down arrow keys to select which entry is highlighted. Press Enter to select an OS or enter e to edit the commands before booting. Enter c for a command line. The highlighted entry executes automatically in the operating system.

Example of the grub bootloader

GNU GRUB  version 2.02~beta2+e4a1fe391
                                 |*ONIE: Install OS                 |
                                 | ONIE: Rescue                     |
                                 | ONIE: Uninstall OS               |
                                 | ONIE: Update ONIE                |
                                 | ONIE: Embed ONIE                 |
                                 | ONIE: Diag ONIE                  |
                                 | Dell EMC DIAG                    |
                                 |                                  |
                                 |                                  |
                                 |                                  |
                                 |                                  |
                                 |                                  |

Your switch comes with ONIE installed.

Example of ONIE

ONIE: Install OS
                                 	For downloading and installing an OS from a URL
                                 	Starts ONIE with ONIE Discovery Service
                                 	(factory default boot)
                                 ONIE: Rescue
                                 	Starts ONIE without ONIE Discovery Service
                                 	Useful for running Diagnostics manually
                                 ONIE: Uninstall OS
                                 	Restore to factory defaults erases any installed OS
                                 ONIE: Update ONIE
                                 	For downloading and updating ONIE from a URL
                                 ONIE: Embed ONIE
                                 	For downloading and updating ONIE from a URL and erases any installed OS
                                 ONIE: Diag ONIE
                                 	Run Diagnostic package for S4048-ON
                                 Dell EMC DIAG
                                 Run Dell EMC Networking Diagnostic package for <

During initial setup, the switch boots to ONIE Install. ONIE Install boots with ONIE Discovery to the console ( ONIE:).

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