S4048-ON Installation Guide January 2019


DC power supply installation

  • CAUTION: To prevent electrical shock, ensure that the S4048-ON is grounded properly. If you do not ground your equipment correctly, excessive emissions may result. Use a qualified electrician to ensure that the power cables meet your local electrical requirements.
  • WARNING: The switch must have either AC power supplies or DC power supplies. You cannot mix power supplies.
  • NOTE: The PSU slides into the slot smoothly. Do not force a PSU into a slot as this action may damage the PSU or the S4048-ON chassis.
  • NOTE: If you use a single PSU, install a blank plate in the other PSU slot. If you are only using one power supply, Dell EMC recommends installing the power supply in the first slot (PSU1) and installing a blank plate in the second slot (PSU2).
  • NOTE: ESD damage can occur if components are mishandled. Always wear an ESD-preventive wrist or heel ground strap when handling the S4048–ON and its components.
  • NOTE: If a PSU fails, you must replace the entire unit. There are no field serviceable components in the PSU. To request a hardware replacement, contact Technical Support at www.dell.com/support.
Figure 1. S4048–ON DC power suppliesIllustration of the S4048–ON DC power supplies.
  1. Power supply 1
  2. Power supply 2
  1. Remove the PSU slot cover from the S4048-ON.
  2. Remove the PSU from the electro-static bag.
  3. Insert the PSU into the switch PSU slot. Insert the PSU exposed PCB edge connector first. The PSU slot is keyed so that the PSU inserts fully in one orientation only.
    Figure 2. DC PSU installationIllustration of installing the DC PSU
    1. Orange release tab
    2. DC PSU
    When you install the PSU correctly, it snaps into place and is flushed with the back of the switch.
  4. Plug in the DC power cord from the switch PSU to the external power source.
  5. If you have a redundant PSU, a second PSU, repeat steps 1 through 4 using the second PSU slot on the S4048-ON switch.
  6. Attach the DC power label. See Attaching the DC Label.
  • NOTE: The S4048-ON powers up when the cables are connected between the power supply and the power source.

The PSUs have an integrated fan, which you cannot replace individually; if the fans integrated in a PSU fail, replace the entire PSU. However, you can replace the fan trays individually.

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