S4048-ON Installation Guide January 2019



The S4048–ON comes from the factory with one PSU and three fan modules installed in the chassis. The fan modules and the power supplies, which have integrated fans, are hot-swappable.

  • NOTE: To run the switch, the three fan slots must have operating fan units. If you do not install a module in each slot, the switch shuts down in one minute.

In addition to the power supply modules, you can order and install fan modules separately.

The S4048-ON supports two airflow direction options. Do not mix airflow types in a chassis; you can use only a single airflow direction in a chassis. If the airflow directions are mismatched, the S4048-ON powers down in one minute.

  • Normal—airflow is from the I/O-side to the PSU-side
  • Reversed—airflow is from the PSU-side to the I/O-side

All fans and PSUs in a configuration must be in the same airflow direction.

Environmental factors can decrease the amount of time required between fan replacements. Check the environmental factors regularly. An increase in temperature and/or particulate matter in the air might affect performance; for example, new equipment installation.

  • CAUTION: Check the fans at six-month intervals and replace them as necessary. Regularly monitor the speeds of the cooling fans in order to accurately determine replacement intervals.

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