Dell EMC PowerSwitch S4048-ON Installation Guide March 2021


Important information

WARNING: The SFP+, QSFP, QSFP28, console, Ethernet management, and universal serial bus (USB) ports are suitable for connection to intrabuilding or unexposed wiring or cabling only. You MUST NOT metallically connect the ports to interfaces that connect to the out side plant (OSP) or its wiring. Use these interfaces as intrabuilding interfaces only (Type-2 or Type-4 ports as described in GR-1089-CORE, Issue 6) and they require isolation from the exposed OSP cabling. Adding primary protectors is not sufficient protection to connect these interfaces metallically to OSP wiring.
WARNING: If you install and connect the S4048-ON switch to a commercial AC power source, you must connect the switch to an external special protection device (SPD).

To be NEBs compliant:

  • Locate your switch in a restricted-access area were only trained personnel are allowed access.
  • Install and connect your switch to the common bonding network (CBN).
  • You can also install and connect your switch to the central office.
  • Connect the battery returns of your switch as DC-I.
  • Ground your switch using a copper ground conductor.
  • Clean and coat all bare grounding connection points on your switch with an antioxidant solution before making connections.
  • Bring all unplated surfaces on your switch to a bright finish and treat them with an antioxidant solution before making connections.
  • To ensure electrical continuity, remove any nonconductive surfaces on your switch from the threads and connection points.
  • Use the two-hole, Listed, compression-type lug with an AWG 14 gauge wire for switch grounding.
NOTE: The S4048–ON can operate at -40.5 VDC to -60 VDC at a maximum current level of 15A.
NOTE: The S4048-ON is Earthquake Z4-compliant when you attach the ReadyRails to the four-post frame using threaded hardware. Do not use the tool-less or two-post installation methods.

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