S4048-ON Installation Guide January 2019



S4048-ON is a networking switch for campus aggregation and core switching 10 Gbps servers and 40 Gbps optical uplinks to the 40 Gbps switching fabric in the core.

The S4048–ON has:
  • Forty-eight ports of 10G SFP+ ports for a 1/10 Gbps transceiver
  • Six 40 Gbps fixed QSFP+ optical ports for a 40 Gbps transceiver
  • Serial RS 232 port, RJ-45, and MicroUSB
  • RJ–45 management port

The S4048–ON I/O side includes:

  • Forty-eight fixed SFP+ and six fixed QSFP+ ports
  • Management port
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Serial RS 232 port, RJ-45 and MicroUSB
  • LED display for the switch, fan, and power status
Figure 1. S4048–ON I/O-side view Illustration of the S4048–ON I/O-side view.
  1. SFP+ ports
  2. QSFP+ ports
  3. USB Type-A storage port
  4. MicroUSB console port
Figure 2. S4048–ON PSU-side view Illustration of the S4048–ON PSU-side view.
  1. Power supply unit 1
  2. Fan module
  3. Out-of-band management port
  4. Power supply unit 2
  5. RS-232 serial console port

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