S4048-ON Installation Guide January 2019


Network Equipment Building Systems Compliance

  • Use shielded cables for ports from 0 to 48. Ground the shields at both ends.
  • Use only reverse airflow configurations in a NEBS-compliant installation.
  • Fit the power supplies and fan modules with filter kits. Replace the fan filters on a regular basis.
  • Use this equipment with an external, second-level 6 kV lightning surge protective device (SPD) at the AC input of the building.
  • Use an SPD with the AC power connections to protect the AC power supplies from damage from excessive power line surges.
  • In order to comply with the GR-1089 Lightning Criteria for Equipment Interfacing with AC Power Ports, use an SPD at the AC input of the router.
  • WARNING: ESD damage can occur if components are mishandled. Always wear an ESD-preventive wrist or heel ground strap when handling the S4048-ON and its components.

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