Dell EMC PowerSwitch S4048-ON Installation Guide March 2021


Power supplies

The S4048–ON ships with one AC power supply. Dell EMC recommends purchasing a second power supply.

The S4048–ON supports AC power supplies with two air-flow directions, normal and reverse. Normal is from the I/O-side to the PSU-side. Reverse is from the PSU-side to the I/O-side. Two PSUs are required for full redundancy, but the switch can operate with a single PSU.

The PSUs are field replaceable. When running with full redundancy—two power supplies installed and running, you can remove and replace one PSU without disrupting traffic.

NOTE: If you use a single PSU, install a blank plate in the other PSU slot. Dell EMC recommends using power supply 2 (PSU2) as the blank plate slot.
NOTE: ESD damage can occur if components are mishandled. Always wear an ESD-preventive wrist or heel ground strap when handling the S4048–ON and its components.
CAUTION: To prevent electrical shock, ensure that the S4048-ON is grounded properly. If you do not ground your equipment correctly, excessive emissions may result. Use a qualified electrician to ensure that the power cables meet your local electrical requirements.

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