VXLAN and BGP EVPN Configuration Guide for Dell EMC SmartFabric OS10 Release 10.5.2


Advertise VXLAN source IP address

  1. Advertise the IP address of the local source tunnel interface to all VTEPs in the underlay IP network using the existing routing infrastructure. This example uses OSPF to advertise the VXLAN source IP address on Ethernet1/1/3, which is the underlay network-facing interface:
    OS10(config)# router ospf 100
    OS10(config-ospf)# router-id
    OS10(config-ospf)# exit
    OS10(config)# interface ethernet1/1/3
    OS10(config-if-eth1/1/3)# ip ospf 100 area
    OS10(config-if-eth1/1/3)# exit
    OS10(config)# interface loopback 1
    OS10(config-if-lo-1)# ip ospf 100 area

    Each VTEP switch in the underlay IP network learns the IP address of the VXLAN source interface. If a remote VTEP switch is not reachable, its status displays as DOWN in the show nve remote-vtep output.

  2. Configure the MTU value on L3 underlay network-facing interfaces in Interface mode to be at least 50 bytes higher than the MTU on the server-facing links to allow for VXLAN encapsulation. The range is from 1312 to 9216.
    mtu value
  3. Return to CONFIGURATION mode.

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