VXLAN and BGP EVPN Configuration Guide for Dell EMC SmartFabric OS10 Release 10.5.2


show evpn router-mac remote-vtep

Displays both the local and remote router MAC addresses used in symmetric IRB.

show evpn router-mac {router-vtep [vtep-ip-address]}
vtep-ip-address — (Optional) Enter the IP address of a remote VTEP.
Not configured
Command mode
Usage information
Use the show evpn router-mac remote-vtep command to display the router MAC address used on the switch and on specified remote VTEPs. Use the router-mac command to create a local router MAC address. The show evpn router-mac command displays the local router mac and router mac of all remote VTEPs. The show evpn router-mac remote-vtep [vtep-ip-address] command displays router mac of specified remote VTEP.
OS10# show evpn router-mac

Local Router MAC : 14:18:77:25:4e:4d

Remote-VTEP      Router's-MAC          14:18:77:25:6f:4d          00:00:01:00:a3:b4
Supported releases or later

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