VXLAN and BGP EVPN Configuration Guide for Dell EMC SmartFabric OS10 Release 10.5.2



A virtual extensible LAN (VXLAN) extends Layer 2 (L2) server connectivity over an underlying Layer 3 (L3) transport network in a virtualized data center. A virtualized data center consists of virtual machines (VMs) in a multi-tenant environment. OS10 supports VXLAN as described in RFC 7348.

VXLAN provides a L2 overlay mechanism on an existing L3 network by encapsulating the L2 frames in L3 packets. The VXLAN-shared forwarding domain allows hosts such as virtual and physical machines, in tenant L2 segments to communicate over the shared IP network. Each tenant L2 segment is identified by a 24-bit ID called a VXLAN network identifier (VNI).

Deployed as a VXLAN gateway, an OS10 switch performs encapsulation/de-encapsulation of L2 frames in L3 packets while tunneling server traffic. In this role, an OS10 switch operates as a VXLAN tunnel endpoint (VTEP). Using VXLAN tunnels, server VLAN segments communicate through the extended L2 forwarding domain.
Figure 1. VXLAN topology. VXLAN topology
VXLAN topology
  • The platforms that support only L2 VXLAN gateway include: S4048-ON, Z9100-ON, and Z9264F-ON
  • The platforms that support both L2 VXLAN and L3 VXLAN routing (Routing In and Out of Tunnels (RIOT)) include:
    • Asymmetric IRB: S4048T-ON, S4248-ON series, S4100-ON series, S5200-ON series, and S6010-ON
    • Symmetric IRB: S4048T-ON, S4100-ON series, S5200-ON series, and S6010-ON

After VXLAN decapsulation, routing between virtual networks and tenant VLANs is supported only on the following platforms:

  • S4200-ON series
  • S5200-ON series

On other platforms, routing after decapsulation is performed only between virtual networks. You can connect an egress virtual network to a VLAN in an external router, which connects to an external network.

This feature is not supported on the following platforms:

  • S3048-ON
  • Z9332F-ON
  • N3248TE-ON

Configuration notes

In a static VXLAN, overlay routing is supported on:

  • S4100-ON Series
  • S4200-ON Series
  • S5200-ON Series
  • S4048T-ON
  • S6010-ON

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