Inspiron 3593 Setup and Specifications


Table 1. Keyboard specifications

The following table provides the detailed keyboard specifications of Inspiron 3593.

Description Values
  • Standard non-backlit keyboard
  • Backlit keyboard


Number of keys
  • United States and Canada: 101 keys
  • United Kingdom: 102 keys
  • Japan: 105 keys
  • Brazil: 104 keys

X = 19.05 mm key pitch

Y = 18.05 mm key pitch

Shortcut keys
Some keys on your keyboard have two symbols on them. These keys can be used to type alternate characters or to perform secondary functions. To type the alternate character, press Shift and the desired key. To perform secondary functions, press Fn and the desired key.
NOTE: You can define the primary behavior of the function keys (F1–F12) by changing Function Key Behavior in BIOS setup program.
See Keyboard shortcuts.

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