Dell Latitude 7370 Owner's Manual

Removing the battery

NOTE: Discharge the battery as much as possible before removing from the system. This can be done by disconnecting the A/C adapter from the system (while the system is turned on) to allow the system to drain the battery.

  1. Follow the procedure in Before working inside your computer.
  2. Remove the base cover.
  3. Disconnect the battery cable from the connector on the system board [1].
    Figure displaying the removal of battery cable.
  4. To remove the battery:
    1. Remove the screws that secure the battery to the computer [1].
    2. Lift the battery away from the computer [2].
    • Do not apply pressure to the surface of the battery
    • Do not bend
    • Do not use tools of any kind to pry on or against the battery
    • If a battery cannot be removed within the constraints above, please contact Dell technical support

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