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Dell Latitude 5480 Owner's Manual

Device status lights

Table 1. Device status lightsThe following table provides the description on the computer’s device status lights:
power lightPower status light Turns on when you turn on the computer and blinks when the computer is in a power management mode.
battery charge indicatorBattery charge indicatorTurns on steadily or blinks to indicate battery charge status.
The device status LEDs are usually located either on the top or left side of the keyboard. They display the storage, battery and wireless devices connectivity and activity. Apart from that they can be useful as a diagnostic tool when there's a possible failure to the system.
NOTE The position of the power status light may vary depending on the system.

The following table lists how to read the LED codes when possible errors occur.

Table 2. Battery charge LED indicatorThe following table provides the description on the computer’s battery LED indicator:
Amber blinking patternProblem descriptionSuggested resolution
2,1CPUCPU failure
2,2 System board: BIOS ROMSystem board, covers BIOS corruption or ROM error
2,3MemoryNo memory/RAM detected
2,4 MemoryMemory/RAM failure
2,5MemoryInvalid memory installed
2,6System board: ChipsetSystem board/Chipset error
2,7 LCDReplace the system board
3,1RTC Power FailureCMOS battery failure
3,2PCI/VideoPCI or video card/chip failure
3,3BIOS Recovery 1Recovery image not found
3,4BIOS Recovery 2Recovery image found but invalid

The blinking patterns will consist of 2 set of numbers being represented by (First Group: Amber blinks, Second Group: White blinks)

  1. First Group: The LED blinks 1 to 9 times followed by a brief pause with LED off at the interval of 1.5 seconds.(This is in Amber color)
  2. Second Group: The LED blinks 1 to 9 times, that would be then followed by a longer pause before the next cycle starts again at the interval of 1.5 seconds.(This is in White color)

For Example: No Memory detected (2,3), Battery LED blinks two times of amber color followed by a pause, and then blinks three times of white color. The Battery LED will pause for 3 seconds before the next cycle repeat itself again.

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