System Center Configuration Manager 및 System Center Virtual Machine Manager를 위한 Microsoft System Center용 OpenManage Integration 버전 7.2 사용자 가이드

Upgrading and downgrading firmware versions using run update method


Before applying updates on devices, ensure that the following conditions are met:
  • An update source is available.

    NOTE: : Select Storage Spaces Direct update source or MX7000 update sources, for applying firmware updates on Storage Spaces Direct clusters or MX7000 Modular Systems since, these update sources see a modified reference to catalog that contains recommended firmware versions of components for Storage Spaces Direct clusters and Modular Systems.

  • iDRAC or Management Module (MM) job queue is cleared before applying the updates, on the managed devices.

About this task

Apply updates on selected device groups which are hardware compatible with . Updates can be applied immediately, or scheduled. The jobs that are created for firmware updates are listed under the Jobs and Logs Center page.

Consider the following points before upgrading or downgrading firmware:

  • When you start this task, the task takes considerable time based on the number of devices and device components present.
  • You can apply firmware updates on a single component of a device, or to the entire environment.
  • If there are no applicable upgrades or downgrades for a device, performing a firmware update on the devices cause no action on the devices.
  • For updating chassis, see Updating CMC firmware section in Dell PowerEdge M1000e Chassis Management Controller Firmware User’s Guide.
    • For updating chassis firmware in VRTX, see Updating firmware section in Dell Chassis Management Controller for Dell PowerEdge VRTX User’s Guide.
    • For updating chassis firmware in FX2, see Updating firmware section in Dell Chassis Management Controller for Dell PowerEdge FX2 User’s Guide.


  1. 에서 유지 보수 센터를 클릭하고 서버 또는 모듈식 시스템 그룹과 업데이트 소스를 선택한 다음에 업데이트 실행을 클릭합니다.
  2. In Update Details, provide the firmware update job name and description.
  3. To enable downgrading the firmware versions, select the Allow Downgrade check-box.
    If this option is not selected, and then there is no action on the component that requires a firmware downgrade.
  4. In Schedule Update, select one of the following:
    • Run Now—select to apply the updates immediately.
    • Select a date and time to schedule a firmware update in future.
  5. Select any one of the following methods, and click Finish.
    • Agent-free staged updates—updates that are applicable without a system restart are applied immediately, and the updates that require a restart are applied when the system restarts. To check if all the updates are applied, refresh the inventory. The entire update job fails, if the operation fails on even one device.
    • Agent-free updates—updates are applied and the system restarts immediately.

      NOTE: : supports only Agent-free updates for MX7000 Modular Systems.

    NOTE: : Cluster-Aware Updating (CAU)—automates the update process by using Windows CAU feature on cluster update groups to maintain server's availability. Updates are passed to cluster update coordinator that is present on the same system where the SCVMM server is installed. The update process is automated to maintain server's availability. The update job is submitted to Microsoft Cluster-Aware-Update (CAU) feature, irrespective of the selection made from the Update Method drop-down menu. For more information, see Updates using CAU.

    NOTE: : After submitting a firmware update job to iDRAC, interacts with iDRAC for the status of the job and displays it in the Jobs and Logs page in the Admin Portal. If there is no response from iDRAC about the status of the job for a long time, and then the status of the job is marked as failed.

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