Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise SupportAssist Version 1.0 User's Guide

Register OpenManage Enterprise SupportAssist

About this task

When you access OpenManage Enterprise SupportAssist for the first time, a banner message is displayed that you have not registered the SupportAssist. You must register SupportAssist to monitor your devices for hardware issues and automatically collect device information. To register SupportAssist:


  1. In the banner message, click the Register Now link.
  2. Click Add Proxy, enter the following information, and then click Apply.
    The Add Proxy page is displayed only when SupportAssist is not able to establish a network connection with the Dell EMC.
    1. To use HTTP Proxy, select Enable HTTP Proxy Settings.
    2. Enter the hostname or IP address and port number of the proxy server.
    3. If the proxy server requires authentication, select Requires Proxy Authentication.
    4. Enter the username and password of the proxy server.
  3. On the INFRASTRUCTURE TELEMETRY NOTICE page, read the telemetry notice, and then click Next.
  4. On the Connectivity page, enter the access key and PIN, and then click Next. If you do not have the access key and PIN, do one of the following:
    • On the Connectivity page (in the SupportAssist plugin registration wizard), click Generate Access Key.
    • Go to the OpenManage Enterprise SupportAssist support site page. On the Overview tab, under Quick Links, click Generate Access key.
    NOTE: The access key generated by using the links provided for other SupportAssist products cannot be used for SupportAssist plugin.
  5. On the Contact Details page, enter the primary contact information, and then click Next.
    NOTE: After registering SupportAssist, you can update the primary contact information and provide a secondary contact on the Settings > Contact Details page. If the primary contact is unavailable, Dell EMC contacts your company through the secondary contact. If both the primary and secondary contacts are configured with valid email addresses, an email is sent to both the contacts.
  6. Optionally, on the Expedited Dispatch (Optional) page, perform the following and click Next.
    • If you want Dell EMC to automatically ship the replacement parts for your servers, select I want Dell EMC to expedite dispatch of the replacement parts.
    • If you want an onsite technician to replace the dispatched hardware component, select I want a technician to replace the parts onsite if the service is included in the service plan.
  7. Optionally, on the Shipping Details page, enter the primary and secondary shipping contact details, shipping address, and click Next.
    NOTE: If the primary shipping contact information are same as the contact details, click copy contact details.
  8. Optionally, to view asset information and manage SupportAssist alerts and part dispatches by using TechDirect, sign in to TechDirect using your company's administrator account and enter the One-Time Password (OTP). To sign in to TechDirect, on the TechDirect Integration (Optional) page, click Launch TechDirect.
  9. Click Next.
    The Summary page is displayed.
  10. Click Finish.
    The Site Health page is displayed.

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