Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 Support Matrix


Supported devices

Supported Dell EMC PowerEdge servers

NOTE: In the PowerEdge server name format yxxx; y denotes alphabets, for example M, MX, R, or T, and x denotes numbers.
Table 1. Supported PowerEdge serversFollowing are the supported PowerEdge servers:
yx0x systems yx1x systems yx2x systems yx3x systemsyx4x systems
PowerEdge M600 PowerEdge R210 PowerEdge M420 PowerEdge M630 PowerEdge M640
PowerEdge M605PowerEdge R210 IIPowerEdge M520PowerEdge M830PowerEdge R240
PowerEdge M805PowerEdge R310PowerEdge M620PowerEdge T130PowerEdge R340
PowerEdge M905 PowerEdge R510 PowerEdge M820 PowerEdge T330PowerEdge R440
PowerEdge R200 PowerEdge R515 PowerEdge R220 PowerEdge T430PowerEdge R540
PowerEdge R300 PowerEdge R610 PowerEdge R320 PowerEdge T630PowerEdge R640
PowerEdge R805 PowerEdge R710 PowerEdge R420 PowerEdge R230PowerEdge R6415
PowerEdge R900 PowerEdge R810 PowerEdge R520 PowerEdge R330PowerEdge R740
PowerEdge R905 PowerEdge R815 PowerEdge R620 PowerEdge R430PowerEdge R740xd
PowerEdge T100PowerEdge R910PowerEdge R720PowerEdge R530PowerEdge R740xd2
PowerEdge T105 PowerEdge R410 PowerEdge R720xd PowerEdge R530xdPowerEdge R7415
PowerEdge T300 PowerEdge R415 PowerEdge R820 PowerEdge R630PowerEdge R7425
PowerEdge T605 PowerEdge R715 PowerEdge R920 PowerEdge R730PowerEdge R840
PowerEdge T110PowerEdge T320PowerEdge R730xdPowerEdge R940
PowerEdge T110 IIPowerEdge T420PowerEdge R830 PowerEdge R940XA
PowerEdge T310PowerEdge T620PowerEdge R930PowerEdge T140
PowerEdge T410PowerEdge FC420PowerEdge FC430PowerEdge T340
PowerEdge T610 PowerEdge FC620 PowerEdge FC630 PowerEdge T440
PowerEdge T710 PowerEdge FM120x4 PowerEdge FC830 PowerEdge T640
PowerEdge M610 PowerEdge FC640
PowerEdge M610x PowerEdge MX840C
PowerEdge M710 PowerEdge MX740C
PowerEdge M710HD
PowerEdge M910
Table 2. Supported PowerEdge C-Series serversFollowing are the supported PowerEdge C-Series servers:
PowerEdge C6220 PowerEdge C6100 PowerEdge C4130
PowerEdge C8220 PowerEdge C5220 PowerEdge C6320
PowerEdge C6320p PowerEdge C6420 PowerEdge C4140
NOTE: Among the supported PowerEdge C-Series servers, OpenManage Essentials supports the server configuration management feature only on PowerEdge C4130, C6320, C6320p, and C6420.

Supported Dell EMC VxRail Hyper-converged appliances

Table 3. Supported VxRail Hyper-converged appliancesFollowing are the supported VxRail Hyper-converged appliances:
VxRail Hyper-converged appliances
VxRail E460 VxRail E460F VxRail P470 VxRail P470F
VxRail V470VxRail V470FVxRail S470

Supported Dell EMC XC Series Web-Scale converged appliances

Table 4. Supported XC Series Web-Scale converged appliancesFollowing are the supported XC Series Web-Scale converged appliances:
XC Series Web-Scale converged appliances
XC6320-6 XC6320-6AF XC430 Xpress XC430-4
XC430-8 XC630-10 XC630-10AF XC630-10P
XC730-16G XC730xd-12 XC730xd-12C XC730xd-12R
XC730xd-12R Xpress XC730xd-12S XC730xd-24 XC730xd-24S
NOTE: The SATADOM-specific information is not displayed in the device inventory of OpenManage Essentials.

Supported Dell Storage module

PowerEdge FD332

Supported Dell EMC chassis devices

  • PowerEdge VRTX
  • PowerEdge M1000e
  • PowerEdge MX7000
  • PowerEdge FX2
  • PowerEdge FX2s

Supported Dell EqualLogic devices

Table 5. Supported EqualLogic devicesFollowing are the supported EqualLogic devices:
EqualLogic devices
EqualLogic PS4000E EqualLogic PS5500E EqualLogic PS6110S EqualLogic PS6510X
EqualLogic PS4000X EqualLogic PS6000E EqualLogic PS6110X EqualLogic PS6610E
EqualLogic PS4000XV EqualLogic PS6000X EqualLogic PS6110XS EqualLogic PS6610X
EqualLogic PS4100X EqualLogic PS6000XV EqualLogic PS6110XV EqualLogic PS6610ES
EqualLogic PS4100XV EqualLogic PS6010 EqualLogic PS6210E EqualLogic PS-M4110
EqualLogic PS4100E EqualLogic PS6010E EqualLogic PS6210X EqualLogic PS-M4110X
EqualLogic PS4110X EqualLogic PS6010X EqualLogic PS6210XV EqualLogic PS-M4110XV
EqualLogic PS4110XV EqualLogic PS6010XV EqualLogic PS6210S EqualLogic PS-M4110E
EqualLogic PS4110E EqualLogic PS6010XVS EqualLogic PS6210XS EqualLogic PS-M4110XS
EqualLogic PS4210E EqualLogic PS6100 EqualLogic PS6500
EqualLogic PS4210X EqualLogic PS6100E EqualLogic PS6500E NAS appliances
EqualLogic PS4210XV EqualLogic PS6100S EqualLogic PS6500ES EqualLogic FS7500
EqualLogic PS4210XS EqualLogic PS6100X EqualLogic PS6500X EqualLogic FS7600
EqualLogic PS5000E EqualLogic PS6100XV EqualLogic PS6510 EqualLogic FS7610
EqualLogic PS5000X EqualLogic PS6100XS EqualLogic PS6510E
EqualLogic PS5000XV EqualLogic PS6110E EqualLogic PS6510 ES
NOTE: Only EqualLogic NAS appliances with Fluid File System (Fluid FS) version 3 are supported.

Supported Dell PowerVault devices

Table 6. Supported PowerVault devicesFollowing are the supported PowerVault devices:
PowerVault devices
PowerVault NX200 PowerVault MD3200 PowerVault MD3620i Tape Libraries/Drives
PowerVault NX300 PowerVault MD3200i PowerVault MD3620f PowerVault TL2000
PowerVault NX3000 PowerVault MD3220 PowerVault MD3660i PowerVault TL4000
PowerVault NX3100 PowerVault MD3220i PowerVault MD3660f PowerVault ML6000
PowerVault NX3230 PowerVault MD3260 PowerVault MD3800i
PowerVault NX3330 PowerVault MD3260i PowerVault MD3800f
PowerVault NX3500 PowerVault MD3400 PowerVault MD3820f
PowerVault NF500 PowerVault MD3420 PowerVault MD3820i
PowerVault DP500 PowerVault MD3460 PowerVault MD3860f
PowerVault DL2000 PowerVault MD3600i PowerVault MD3860i
PowerVault DL2100 PowerVault MD3600f
PowerVault DL2200
PowerVault MD3060e

Supported Dell EMC devices

Table 7. Supported devicesFollowing are the supported devices:
DevicesCX4 Series - Flare / NavisphereCX4 Series - Flare / Unisphere
Dell EMC CX300 Dell EMC CX4-120 Dell EMC CX4-120
Dell EMC CX3-10 Dell EMC CX4-240 Dell EMC CX4-2400
Dell EMC CX3-20 Dell EMC CX4-480 Dell EMC CX4-480
Dell EMC CX3-40 Dell EMC CX4-960 Dell EMC CX4-960
Dell EMC CX3-80
Dell EMC CX500
Dell EMC CX700

Supported Dell EMC Storage devices (previously Dell Compellent devices)

Table 8. Supported Storage devicesFollowing are the Supported Dell EMC storage devices (previously Dell Compellent devices):
Storage devices
Dell Compellent SC4020 NAS appliance
Dell Compellent SC7020Dell Compellent FS8600 version 3
Dell Compellent SC8000
Dell Compellent SC9000
Storage SCv2000

Supported Dell Disk Backup devices

  • Dell DR4300
  • Dell DR4300e
  • Dell DR6300

Supported Dell Networking devices (previously PowerConnect and Dell Force10 devices)

Table 9. Supported Networking devicesFollowing are the supported networking devices (previously PowerConnect and Dell Force10 devices):
Networking devices
PowerConnect 2808 PowerConnect 6224F PowerConnect B-8000
PowerConnect 2816 PowerConnect 6248 PowerConnect B-8000e
PowerConnect 2824 PowerConnect 6248P PowerConnect B-MLXe 16
PowerConnect 2848 PowerConnect 7000 PowerConnect J-SRX210
PowerConnect 3424 PowerConnect 7024 PowerConnect J-SRX240
PowerConnect 3424P PowerConnect 7024F PowerConnect J-EX4200 (48T)
PowerConnect 3448 PowerConnect 7024P PowerConnect J-EX8216
PowerConnect 3448P PowerConnect 7048 PowerConnect M6220
PowerConnect 3548 PowerConnect 7048F PowerConnect M6348
PowerConnect 3548P PowerConnect 7048P PowerConnect M8024
PowerConnect 3524 PowerConnect 8024 PowerConnect M8024K 
PowerConnect 3860 PowerConnect 8024F PowerConnect M8428K
PowerConnect 5224P PowerConnect 8100 PowerConnect W-3200
PowerConnect 5316M PowerConnect 8132 PowerConnect W-3600
PowerConnect 5324 PowerConnect 8132F PowerConnect W-6000 M3
PowerConnect 5424 PowerConnect 8164 PowerConnect W-650
PowerConnect 5448 PowerConnect 8164F PowerConnect W-7210
PowerConnect 5524 PowerConnect B-DCX-4S PowerConnect W-7220
PowerConnect 5548 PowerConnect B-RX 4 PowerConnect W-7240
PowerConnect 6224 PowerConnect B-RX 8
PowerConnect 6224P PowerConnect B-RX 16
Dell Force10 C150 Dell Force10 S50 Dell Force10 S4820T
Dell Force10 C300 Dell Force10 S55 Dell Force10 S5000
Dell Force10 E1200i Dell Force10 S60 Dell Force10 S6000
Dell Force10 E300 Dell Force10 S3048 Dell Force10 Z9000
Dell Force10 E600i Dell Force10 S4048 Dell Force10 Z9100
Dell Force10 E610 Dell Force10 S4810 Dell Force10 MXL 10/40GbE
Dell Force10 S25P Dell Force10 S4820P
Dell Networking C7004Dell Networking N3048PDell Networking W7205
Dell Networking C7008 Dell Networking N4000 Dell Networking X1008
Dell Networking C9010 Dell Networking N4032 Dell Networking X1008P
Dell Networking N2024 Dell Networking N4032F Dell Networking X1018
Dell Networking N2024P Dell Networking N4064 Dell Networking X1018P
Dell Networking N2048 Dell Networking N4064F Dell Networking X1026
Dell Networking N2048P Dell Networking M3020 Dell Networking X1026P
Dell Networking N3024 Dell Networking M3048 Dell Networking X1052
Dell Networking N3024P Dell Networking S6010-ON Dell Networking X1052P
Dell Networking N3024F Dell Networking S6100-ON Dell Networking X4012
Dell Networking N3048 Dell Networking S4048T-ON Dell Networking Z9500
PowerEdge M IO Aggregator PowerEdge FN2210S PowerEdge FN410S
PowerEdge FN410T

Supported Dell EMC Ready Nodes

Table 10. Supported Ready NodesFollowing are the supported Dell EMC Ready Nodes:
Ready Nodes
ScaleIO R640VxFlex R640
ScaleIO R740xdVxFlex R740xd

Supported network security appliances

  • Dell SonicWALL NSA 250M

Supported Brocade devices

Table 11. Supported Brocade devicesFollowing are the supported Brocade devices:
Brocade devices
Brocade 200E Brocade 5100 Brocade 6505 Brocade M6505
Brocade 300 Brocade 5300 Brocade 6510 Brocade 8000
Brocade 4424 Brocade M5424 Brocade 6520 Brocade 8424-K

Supported managed rack Power Distribution Units

  • K538N
  • G756N
  • H544N
  • J523N
  • K539N

Supported metered rack Power Distribution Units

Table 12. Supported metered rack Power Distribution UnitsFollowing are the supported metered rack Power Distribution Units:
Power Distribution Units
1X98J XX5T6 C0G4D G740N G744N
7P35N RXKCH G728N H534N H537N
09FG8 K5YYY J519N J520N J521N
4J1C2 2CM2K K535N K536N 6809

Supported Keyboard, Video, and Mouse (KVM)

Table 13. Supported Keyboard, Video, and Mouse (KVM)Following are the supported keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM):
Keyboard, Video, and Mouse (KVM)
1081AD 2161AD 2161DS-2 2321DS 4332DS
1082DS 2161DS 2162DS 4161DS

Supported Dell UPS

Table 14. Supported Dell UPSFollowing are the supported Dell UPS:
Dell UPS
1000T HV 500T HV 2700R/T LV 2700R Telco HV 5600R LI HV-US
4200R HV 1000R LV 2700R/T HV 3750R HV-US 5600R LI HV
1920T LV 1000R HV 2700R/T HV-US 3750R HV 5600R OL HV-US
1920T HV 1920R LV 2700R Telco LV 4200R HV-US 5600R OL HV
500T LV 1920R HV 2700R Telco HV-US 4200R HV

Supported Dell printers

Table 15. Supported Dell printersFollowing are the supported Dell printers:
Dell printers
Dell W5300 Dell 5130cdn Dell 2335dn Dell 1710n Dell B1165nfw
Dell S2500 Dell 5110cn Dell 2330dn Dell 1600n Dell C1660w
Dell M5200 Dell 5100cn Dell 2155c(d)n Dell 1320c Dell C1760nw
Dell 5535dn Dell 3335dn Dell 2150cdn Dell B2360d/dn Dell C1765nf/nfw
Dell 5530dn Dell 3130cn Dell 2145cn Dell B3460dn Dell B1265dfw
Dell 5330dn Dell 3115cn Dell 2135cn Dell B3465dn/dnf
Dell 5310n Dell 3110cn Dell 2130cn Dell B5460dn
Dell 5230dn Dell 2355dn Dell 1815dn Dell B5465dnf
Dell 5210n Dell 2350dn Dell 1720n Dell B1163/w

Supported client systems

Table 16. Supported client systemsFollowing are the supported client systems:
Client systems
Latitude 13 Latitude E6400 Precision R5400 Precision T7810 OptiPlex 9030
Latitude 10 ST2 Latitude E6410 Precision R7610 OptiPlex 980 OptiPlex XE
Latitude D531 Latitude E6540 Precision R7910 OptiPlex 990 OptiPlex XE2
Latitude 14 Rugged Extreme 7407 Latitude E6430U Precision R7920 OptiPlex 3011 OptiPlex 7010
Latitude 3550 Latitude E7240 Precision T1700 OptiPlex 3020M Dell Venue 11 Pro 7130/7139
Latitude E3440Latitude E7440Precision T3600OptiPlex 3030
Latitude E3540 Latitude E7450 Precision T3610 OptiPlex 9010AIO
Latitude E5450 Latitude Z600 Precision T5610 OptiPlex 9020
Latitude E6220 Precision M4700 Precision T7610 OptiPlex 9020AIO
NOTE: If an alert is received from a device with unknown severity, you can import the device MIB files using the MIB Import Utility to enable OpenManage Essentials to classify the alerts.

OEM devices

Dell EMC OEM devices (re-branded or de-branded Dell servers and Compellent S8000 iDRAC), when discovered, are classified under OEM Devices in the device tree. Most of the functionality available to the PowerEdge servers, such as tasks, reports, and filters are also applicable to the PowerEdge OEM servers. However, system update may not be possible if it is not supported by the OEM device module. OEM servers are always classified under the OEM Devices group in the device tree. They are not displayed under the Servers or RAC group. If both the server and RAC of the OEM device are discovered, they are correlated and displayed as one device under the OEM Devices group. Other OEM devices except servers and RAC are classified under the different server groups such as Microsoft Virtualization Servers, VMware ESX servers, and so on, based on the classification criteria they fulfill.

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