Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 User's Guide

Adding devices to a custom group

Description: The Add-DevicesToCustomGroup command allows you to add devices to an existing group. To add the devices to the group, either use an XML file or list the devices and separate them using a comma.

  • PS> Add-DevicesToCustomGroup –GroupName <groupName> -DeviceList <devicelist.xml>
  • PS> Add-DevicesToCustomGroup –GroupName <groupName> -Devices <comma separated list of devices>
PS> Add-DevicesToCustomGroup –GroupName MyServers –DeviceList .\Samples\DeviceList.xml
PS> Add-DevicesToCustomGroup –GroupName MyServers –Devices PE2900-WK28-ZMD, PWR-CODE.US.DELL.COM, HYPERVISOR, M80504-W2K8
Example of a DeviceList.xml file:
                                    <Device Name="PE2900-WK28-ZMD"/>
                                    <Device Name="PWR-CODE.US.DELL.COM"/>
                                    <Device Name="HYPERVISOR"/>
                                    <Device Name="M80504-W2K8"/>

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