Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 User's Guide

Asset Acquisition Information

Table 1. Asset Acquisition Information. The following table describes the fields displayed in the asset acquisition information tab.
Field Description
System Name Displays the unique name of the system that identifies it on the network.
System Type Displays the model name of the system. For example, PowerEdge R710.
Service Tag Displays the unique identifier assigned to the system.
Purchase Cost Displays the price the owner paid for the system.
Purchase Date Displays the date the owner purchased the system.
Way Bill Number Displays the receipt from the carrier for the goods received.
Purchase Order Number Displays the number of the document that authorized payment for the system.
Installation Date Displays the date the system was put to service.
Expensed Displays whether the system is charged to a specific purpose or department such as research and development or sales.
Cost Center Displays the name or code for the business entity that acquired the system.
Signing Authority Name Displays the name of the person who approved the purchase or the service call on the system.
Vendor Displays the business entity that offers service on the system.
Depreciation Duration Displays the number of years or months over which a system is depreciated.
Depreciation Duration Unit Type Displays the unit in months or years.
Depreciation Percentage Displays the portion of 100 that an asset is devalued or depreciated.
Depreciation Method Displays the steps and assumptions used to compute the system's depreciation.
Ownership Code Defines the ownership code for this system.
Corporate Owner Name Displays the business entity that owns the system.
Insurance Company Displays the name of the company that insures the system.

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