Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 User's Guide

Assigning VLAN IDs

Before you begin, ensure that you have IOA administrator rights.

To apply VLAN assignments:
  1. On the VLAN Configuration tab, under Chassis IOA, type the VLAN IDs in the Tagged VLANs and Untagged VLAN columns for the appropriate ports.
    • NOTE: The valid range for VLAN IDs are 1 to 4094. Use a comma (,) to separate VLAN IDs and use a hyphen (-) to specify the ID range.
  2. Click Apply. The VLAN Configuration window displays the IOA ports that you modified.
    • NOTE: You can also modify the VLAN IDs in the VLAN Configuration window.
  3. Type a unique name of the task.
    • NOTE: It is recommended that you enter a unique name for the task.
  4. If required, select a schedule for the task.
  5. Type the credentials of the IOA that have fabric administrator rights.
  6. Click Finish.
The VLAN Configuration task is displayed in the Task Results tab. After the task is completed, OpenManage Essentials automatically inventories the VLAN configuration of the IOAs on the chassis.
  • NOTE: While applying VLAN assignments to multiple ports, the VLAN configuration task may fail. The Task Results tab displays the ports to which the VLAN assignments failed with a message stating that the task failed after multiple retries or the server closed the network connection unexpectedly. In such a scenario, you can retry the VLAN configuration after some time to the ports were not configured successfully.
  • NOTE: OpenManage Essentials uses the IOA CLI commands to configure the VLAN on the IOA. Configuring the VLAN on the IOA is a time consuming and resource-intensive operation that may affect the performance of the IOA. To balance the operations on the IOA, OpenManage Essentials runs the IOA CLI commands in a timely manner, ensuring that there is sufficient time to configure the VLAN on the IOA. If the IOA is already running several operations, the VLAN configuration task may either be prolonged or fail. If the VLAN configuration fails on some IOA ports, you can rerun the VLAN configuration task on the corresponding IOAs.

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