Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 User's Guide

Configuring Warranty Scoreboard Notifications

You can configure OpenManage Essentials to display a warranty scoreboard notification icon in the heading banner. For information about the options you can configure, see Warranty Notification Settings .

To configure Warranty Scoreboard Notifications:

  1. Click Settings > Warranty Notification Settings . The Warranty Notification Settings page is displayed.
  2. Under Warranty Scoreboard Notifications, select Enable Warranty Scoreboard Notifications.
  3. To set the criteria for the devices to be included in the warranty notification scoreboard, in the All Devices with x Days or less of warranty field, select the number of days.
  4. To include devices with expired warranty or no warranty information in the warranty notifications scoreboard, select Include Expired Warranties.
  5. Click Apply.
If any device meets the set criteria, the OpenManage Essentials heading banner displays the warranty scoreboard notification icon including the number of devices.

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