Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 User's Guide

Connecting to the OpenManage Essentials Database

To connect to the OpenManage Essentials database:
  1. On the system where OpenManage Essentials is installed, open the command prompt, and run the following command: sqlcmd -E -S ".\SQLEXPRESSOME" -Q "ALTER LOGIN [OMEService] WITH PASSWORD='DummyPassword'"
    • NOTE: Verify that the OpenManage Essentials database instance that was created during the typical installation is SQLEXPRESSOME.
    • NOTE: Copying and pasting the command may result in incorrect characters. Therefore, it is recommended that you type the complete command.
  2. Open OpenManage Essentials. The database login error window is displayed.
  3. Click OK on the database login error window. The Database Connection Error window is displayed.
  4. In the Database Connection Error window:
    1. In the Server Name field, type the name of the system where you restored the OpenManage Essentials database.
    2. From the Authentication list, select the authentication method for the database.
    3. Type the user name and password of the new user you created in the appropriate fields.
    4. Type the name of the database that you have already created in SQL Server.
    5. Click Connect.
  5. Close and reopen OpenManage Essentials.
  6. Restart the Internet Information Services (IIS).
  7. Restart the OpenManage Essentials services or restart the server.
After the database retargeting is completed successfully, if required, you can delete the OpenManage Essentials database from the system on which OpenManage Essentials is installed.

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