Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 User's Guide

Creating a custom device group

Description: The Add-CustomGroup command allows you to create a custom device group in the device tree. If required, you can add devices to the group after it is created.

  • NOTE: By using OpenManage Essentials CLI, you can only create static groups which contain a finite list of servers. You can create dynamic groups based on queries by using the OpenManage Essentials console. For more information, see Creating a New Group .
  • PS> Add-CustomGroup –GroupName <groupName> 
  • PS> Add-CustomGroup –GroupName <groupName> –DeviceList <DeviceList.xml>
  • PS> Add-CustomGroup –GroupName <groupName> -Devices <comma separated list of devices>
  • PS> Add-CustomGroup –GroupName MyServers –DeviceList .\Samples\devicelist.xml
  • PS> Add-CustomGroup –GroupName MyServers –Devices PE2900-WK28-ZMD, PWR-CODE.US.DELL.COM, HYPERVISOR, M80504-W2K8
Example of a DeviceList.xml file:
                                    <Device Name="PE2900-WK28-ZMD"/>
                                    <Device Name="PWR-CODE.US.DELL.COM"/>
                                    <Device Name="HYPERVISOR"/>
                                    <Device Name="M80504-W2K8"/>

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