Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 User's Guide

Creating an input file for Discovery Profile

CLI commands that create discovery ranges or discovery groups require an XML-based file that defines the parameters for discovery protocols such as SNMP, WMI, Storage, WS-Man, SSH, and IPMI. This file defines which protocols are used and the parameters for each of the protocols. The file can be modified using an XML editor or a text editor. The DiscoveryProfile.xml file is placed at C:\Program Files\Dell\SysMgt\Essentials\Tools\CLI. Edit the .XML file and rename it to create multiple discovery profiles. You cannot store passwords for WMI, IPMI, WS-Man, EMC, and SSH protocols in the .XML file. The OpenManage Essentials CLI commands allow you to specify passwords in the command-line argument using the following commands:
  • -wmiPassword<secure password>
  • -ipmiPassword<secure password>
  • -wsmanPassword<secure password>
  • -emcPassword<secure password>
  • -sshPassword<secure password>
  • -SNMPv3AuthenticationPassword<secure password>
  • -SNMPv3EncryptionPassword<secure password>
  • NOTE: Passwords are not allowed in clear text. If you attempt to use clear text for the password values, the CLI command fails to run.
The <secure password> argument must be a secure password. To generate a secure password that can be reused in PowerShell scripts, run the following (or a similar command) from within a PowerShell window:
To prompt the user for a password; read in and convert it to a secure string:
PS> $password = Read-Host ‘Enter password:’ –AsSecureString
To save the password, as a secure string, to the file system:
PS> $password | ConvertFrom-SecureString | Set-Content c:\tmp\password.txt

The two earlier PowerShell commands convert a password to a secure string that is then saved in a file. This secure password can subsequently be used in other PowerShell scripts that involve OpenManage Essentials CLI commands. For example:

To read the secure password from the file and assign it to a variable:
PS> $passwordFile = convert-path c:\tmp\password.txt 
PS> $wsmanpassword = Get-Content $passwordFile | ConvertTo-SecureString 
To use the secure string in all the password variables in the OpenManage Essentials CLI commands:
PS> Add-DiscoveryRange -Range -Profile samples\DiscoveryProfile.xml -WSManPassword $wsmanpassword
An example of the profile.xml file is outlined as follows:
  • NOTE: If you discover iDRAC using WS-Man, and if you are using secure mode where a certificate file is required to be on the local system, specify the entire path to the certificate file. For example, c:\

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