Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 User's Guide

Device details

The device details, depending on the device type, might contain the following information:

Table 1. Device details. The following tables provides information on the device details, depending on the device type.
Device details
  • Device Summary
  • OS Information
  • Data Sources
  • NIC Information
  • Virtual Machine Host Product Information
  • RAC Device Information
  • Processor Information
  • Memory Device Information
  • Firmware Information
  • Power Supply Information
  • Embedded Device Information
  • Device Card Information
  • Controller Information
  • Controller Battery Information
  • Enclosure Slot Information
  • Physical Disk Information
  • Virtual Disk Information
  • Contact Information
  • Appliance Node Information
  • Switch Device Information
  • EqualLogic Volume Information
  • Device Properties
  • Storage Group Information
  • iDRAC Information
  • Storage Information
  • Tape Drive Information and Tape Library Information
  • Physical Battery Information
  • Fluid Cache Information
  • Fluid Cache Pool Information
  • Fluid Cache Disk
  • Software Inventory Information
  • Trusted Platform Module Information
  • Slot Information
  • Virtual Flash Information
  • FRU Information
  • Printer Cover Table
  • Printer Marker Supplies Information
  • Printer Input Tray Information
  • Printer Output Tray Information
  • Acquisition Information
  • Depreciation Information
  • Lease Information
  • Maintenance Information
  • Service Contract Information
  • Extended Warranty Information
  • Ownership Information
  • Outsource Information
  • Maser Information
  • Chassis Group Information
  • I/O Module Information
  • NOTE: The warranty information (including expired and renewed) displayed in OpenManage Essentials for a particular Service Tag, may not match with the warranty record displayed at The service level code and model name of a warranty record displayed at may not exactly match with the OpenManage Essentials warranty report.
  • NOTE: The Data Sources table in the device inventory displays the Dell Command | Monitor (previously OMCI) agent name as System Administrator .
  • NOTE: Hardware inventory can be retrieved from iDRAC6/7 and ESXi if OpenManage Server Administrator VIB is installed using WS-Man protocol.
  • NOTE: The Data Sources table in the device inventory displays information about the iDRAC Service Module only if:
    • iDRAC is discovered.

    • iDRAC is discovered and the server is discovered using WMI or SSH protocol.

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