Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 User's Guide

E-Mail Configuration

You can configure Essentials so that you receive e-mail each time the alert associations for your devices meet specific alert criteria. For example, you may want to receive an e-mail message for all warning and critical alerts.

Use this window to specify the parameters for configuring the e-mail alert action.

Table 1. E-Mail Configuration. The following table describes the fields displayed in the e-mail configuration window.
Field Description


Specifies a valid e-mail address served by the company's SMTP server of the person who is to receive the e-mail.


Specifies the originating e-mail address.


Specify the e-mail subject using text or the available alert tokens.


Specify the e-mail message using text or the available alert tokens.

Email Settings

Select to provide the SMTP server name or IP address.

Test Action

Allows you to test the e-mail action.

  • NOTE: After sending the test e-mail, verify that the e-mail was received successfully and has the expected content.
  • NOTE: Alert tokens are substituted at the time the alert action occurs. They are not substituted for a test action.
  • NOTE: Certain paging vendors support alphanumeric paging through e-mail. OpenManage Essentials supports paging through the e-mail option.

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