Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 User's Guide

Known limitations for stateless deployment

The following are the known limitations for deploying virtual I/O identities on target servers:
  • On Broadcom network adapters, OpenManage Essentials does not support boot from ISO for installing the operating system on a SAN along with the virtual I/O identity deployment. However, if an operating system is already installed on the SAN, after deployment of virtual I/O identities, the server can boot from the SAN.
  • For PowerEdge FC430, FC630, and FC830 sleds, the PCIe cards (FC and iSCSI) in the shared PCIe slots of the PowerEdge FX2s chassis are supported for stateless deployment. However, if the PCIe cards are mapped, replacement can be performed only to an exactly similar sled in the same slot with the same PCIe mapping in another chassis. If the PCIe cards are not mapped, replacement can be performed on any similar sled.
  • For performing stateless deployment on blade servers, the FlexAddress mode must be disabled on the blade server to prevent the host chassis from assigning I/O identity attributes. Even if the FlexAddress mode is enabled, OpenManage Essentials overrides the FlexAddress mode.
  • While performing a stateless deployment on a server with a QLogic Converged Network Adapter, OpenManage Essentials generates different attribute values for the virtual MAC (vMAC) and virtual FIP (vFIP) MAC attributes. However, only the value of the vMAC attribute is deployed for both the vMAC and vFIP MAC attributes. If you create a zone for SAN boot before the deployment, ensure that the zone is created based on the vMAC address generating virtual WWPN (vWWPN) and virtual WWNN (vWWNN). For example, 20:00:vMAC for vWWNN and 20:01:vMAC for vWWPN.
  • Intel NIC cards do not support unique iSCSI initiator name for each port. OpenManage Essentials deploys the same IQN value for all ports in the Intel NIC card.

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