Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 User's Guide

Legend and definitions

  • Discovery: Capability to discover the devices on the network.
  • Correlation: Capability to correlate:
    • CMC with servers, switches, RAC, and storage.
    • Discovered server and DRAC, iDRAC, or BMC devices.
    • Discovered modular systems or switches.
    • ESX, ESXi, or Hyper-V host and guest virtual machines.
  • Classification: Capability to classify the devices by type. For example, servers, network switches, storage, and so on.
  • Hardware Inventory: Capability to obtain detailed hardware inventory of the device.
  • Monitoring or Health: Capability to obtain health status and connection status of the device.
  • Traps, alerts, or PETs: Capability to receive SNMP traps from the device.
  • Application Launch: Provides a right-click action menu item on the discovered device to launch 1x1 console or application.
  • OpenManage Server Administrator CLI: Capability to run OpenManage Server Administrator supported commands on the remote (discovered) servers.
  • Deploy OpenManage Server Administrator: Capability to deploy OpenManage Server Administrator to the remote (discovered) servers.
  • Server Updates: Capability to deploy BIOS, firmware, and driver updates to the remote (discovered) servers.
  • RACADM CLI: Capability to run RACADM tool supported commands on the remote (discovered) devices.
  • IPMI CLI: Capability to run IPMITool supported commands on the remote (discovered) devices.
  • Switch Role: Indicates the type of the unit, such as management or stack.

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