Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 User's Guide


Question: How do I enable logging in OpenManage Essentials?

Answer: To enable logging:

  1. Go to C:\Program Files\Dell\SysMgt\Essentials\configuration or the path where OpenManage Essentials is installed.
  2. Open the dconfig.ini file using notepad.
  3. In the [Logging] section, modify the following:
    • Set LOG_ENABLED=true to enable logging.
    • Set LOG_TO_FILE=true to write logs to a file.
    • Type a path for LOG_FILE_PREFIX. For example, LOG_FILE_PREFIX= C:\windows\temp.
    • If required, change the suffix of the file for LOG_FILE_SUFFIX=ome_log.txt.
    • Set the log level for LOG_LEVEL_MIN. For example, LOG_LEVEL_MIN=debug.
      • NOTE: Setting the minimum log level (LOG_LEVEL_MIN) to debug or trace reduces the performance of OpenManage Essentials.
    • Set the log level for LOG_LEVEL_MAX. For example, LOG_LEVEL_MAX=output.
      • NOTE: The maximum log level (LOG_LEVEL_MAX) must always be set to output.
    • NOTE: For more information about log severity levels, see the “Log Levels” section.
  4. Close the file and restart all DSM services in the Services Microsoft Management Console.

Log Levels

Setting the log levels determines the range of message severity type you want to log. The following table describes the log message severity levels that you can assign to LOG_LEVEL_MIN and LOG_LEVEL_MAX.
Table 1. Log Levels. The following table describes the log message severity levels that you can assign to LOG_LEVEL_MIN and LOG_LEVEL_MAX.
Severity Level Description
Trace Detailed information related to code flow.
  • NOTE: It is not recommended to set the minimum log level to trace unless instructed to do so by technical support.
Debug Detailed information that may be useful when diagnosing problems.
Info Information related to operational events.
Warning An indicator that something unexpected happened or an indication of some problem in the near future. The software is still working as expected. Typically, related to configuration or network issues (time outs, retries, and so on).
Error A problem resulting in the software being unable to perform some function.
Fatal A serious error, indicating that the software may not be able to continue running.
Output Information that needs to be output in situations where the logging system is not initialized.
By default, the minimum and maximum log message severity level are set to:
  • LOG_LEVEL_MIN=info
  • LOG_LEVEL_MAX=output
The default settings ensure that all messages with a severity of at least ‘info’ and at most ‘output’ are logged.

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