Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 User's Guide

Managing device configuration baseline

The configuration of a server or chassis in a production environment must be properly maintained to ensure availability of the server.  These server configuration settings tend to be drifted over time because of various reasons. The Device Compliance Portal enables you to verify and ensure the compliance of multiple servers and chassis to a device configuration baseline that serves as a baseline. The compliance status indicates if there is any difference between the current configuration settings and its corresponding baseline configuration. The Device Compliance Portal also allows you to create baselines, and assign the desired baseline to multiple production servers for establishing the compliance.

  • NOTE: A device is considered to be compliant if it matches with all the settings defined in the associated baseline. A device with additional hardware (for example, an additional NIC card), is also considered to be compliant. A device may become non-compliant if there is a change in either the device inventory or the associated baseline. If the associated baseline is changed, the baseline must be redeployed to the associated devices.
  • NOTE: Compliance tasks are not supported for IOA templates.
Using the Device Compliance Portal, you can:
  • Create a configuration baseline from a server or chassis
  • Associate a configuration baseline to a server or chassis
  • View the tasks that have been created and their status
  • Configure the deployment file share
  • NOTE: The device configuration deployment and configuration compliance features are licensed (fee-based) for supported PowerEdge servers with iDRAC. To use these features on any PowerEdge VRTX or PowerEdge FX2/FX2s devices an Enterprise license is required. However, using it on PowerEdge M1000e devices does not require a license. Creating a device configuration baseline from a server does not require a license. For more information on licensing, see OpenManage Essentials — Server Configuration Management License.

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