Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 User's Guide

Multiple Devices at the Same Location

It is possible for two or more licensed devices to be placed at an identical location. These devices are displayed as a multi-pin group on the map. If the devices are in a very close proximity on the map and the map is zoomed out, the pins are displayed together as a multi-pin group. To view the count and the name of the devices in a multi-pin group, move the mouse pointer over the multi-pin group. Double-click or right-click a multi-pin group and then select Details, to open the Devices at this location window that lists the devices available at the location. On the Devices at this location window, you can:
  • Double-click a device to display only that device on the map.
  • Right-click a device to view standard options for the devices, such as Referesh Inventory, Application Launch , and so on, and other map-specific options such as Edit Location Details, and so on.
  • NOTE: Only licensed devices can be placed on the map. Device groups cannot be placed on the map.

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