Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 User's Guide

Nodes and symbols description

Table 1. Nodes and Symbols Description . The following table describes the nodes and symbols of the devices.

Node Symbol


Figure 1. Critical device iconCritical device icon.

Denotes that a device is critical and requires attention. This information is rolled up to the parent device type. For example if a server is in critical state and requires attention the same symbol is assigned to the parent device type. Among server states, critical state is given the highest priority. That is, in a group, if different devices are in different states, and if one device is in critical state, then the state of the parent device type is set to critical.

Figure 2. Device not discovered iconDevice not discovered icon.

Denotes that a device of this type is not discovered on the network or classified in the device tree.

Figure 3. Deviation from expected behavior iconDeviation from expected behavior icon.

Denotes that there is a deviation from the expected behavior, but the device is still manageable.

Figure 4. Device working as expected iconDevice working as expected icon.

Denotes that the device is working as expected.

Figure 5. Unknown device iconUnknown device icon.

Denotes either the device type is unknown and it is classified as an unknown device or that the health status cannot be determined, because the device does not have proper instrumentation or the proper protocol was not used to discover the device.

Figure 6. Connection LostConnection Lost

Denotes that the device is not reachable.

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