Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 User's Guide


  • NOTE: The preview activity is optional.
The Preview page allows you to view the attributes of the selected configuration template that will not be applied successfully on a target device. The preview activity sends the pending configuration to each target device, but for validation only (no configuration changes are made). Each device verifies the validity of the settings in the configuration and identifies any problems. The verification can identify problems with attribute values themselves, or problems based on inter-attribute dependencies. For example, creating a device configuration template from a PowerEdge R720 server and deploying the template on a PowerEdge R620 server would result in errors. Running the preview allows you to identify the attributes that will not be deployed successfully. After identifying those attributes, if required, you can clear those attributes from the template and then deploy the template.
  • NOTE: The preview activity identifies many problems; however, some problems cannot be determined before the actual deployment.

Click the Preview button to validate the attributes of the device configuration template with the selected device.

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