Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 User's Guide

Recommended database size

The following table provides information about the recommended database size for common use cases. However, it is recommended that you configure the database size based on the environment with different hardware configurations, and also regularly monitor the growth of the database size.
Table 1. Recommended database size. Information about the recommended database size in an environment with minimum recommended hardware.
Recommended database size Large deployments Large deployments Large deployments Medium deployments Small deployments
Number of devices 8000 5500 2000 500 100
SQL Server database size 14 GB 10 GB 6 GB 2 GB 1 GB
During the daily maintenance, OpenManage Essentials compresses and optimizes the database. Also, for optimal performance of OpenManage Essentials, monitor the database size and configure the Autogrowth/ Maxsize setting accordingly. It is recommended that the size of the log database must be 1.5 times the maximum size of the database. OpenManage Essentials also downloads updates for managed servers. These updates are saved in the local file system (not in the database) where OpenManage Essentials is installed.
  • NOTE: OpenManage Essentials can maintain up to 175,000 task execution history details without any issues. If the task execution history details exceed 175,000, you may experience problems starting OpenManage Essentials. The earlier task execution history records are purged when the limit set under Task Settings > Task Execution History Records to be Retained is exceeded. The task execution history details of few tasks are not purged. For more information, see Task Settings. It is recommended that you periodically delete task execution history details that you may no longer require or change the purge settings of task execution history details.
  • NOTE: For more information, see the OpenManage Essentials Scalability and Performance technical white paper at

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