Dell EMC OpenManage Essentials Version 2.5 User's Guide

Select Devices

The Select Devices page allows you to select devices from which you can reclaim the managed virtual I/O identities.

The fields displayed on the Select Devices page of the Reclaim Identities Wizard are described in the following tables.
Table 1. Select Devices. The following table describes the fields displayed on the select devices page of the reclaim identities wizard.
Field Description
Device Name Displays the name of the device.
Service Tag or Node ID Displays the unique identifier assigned to the device.
Total of Identities in use Displays the total number of identities that are deployed on the device.
Is Device Deleted Displays if the device was deleted from OpenManage Essentials after it was deployed with virtual I/O identities.
Template Name Displays the name of the device configuration template assigned to the device.
Compute Pool Displays the name of the compute pool that the device belongs to.
Last Deploy Time Displays the time stamp of the last deployment of the device.
Model Displays the model name of the device, if available. For example, PowerEdge R710.

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